Corona Project; Maskerò

Stylish and practical mask for everyday use

I'd wish to forget all about what is happening right now and concentrate on designing a new bridal collection, but how could I?

And as the uncertainty of this situation continues, the call for wearing a mask is growing every day.

As a designer, it was just natural that I kept thinking about a stylish, practical mask that people would find it appealing to wear.

I wanted the entire piece in the same material, for the design to be minimalistic and non-intrusive. I wanted the mask to have a classic feel, like a wardrobe stable basic T-shirts, yet, being original at the same time. 

Being a small business has its advantage; I don't need to have design meetings or coordinate production and logistics. So, after a month or so of contemplation, I finally set out to make the first mask prototype. After some tweaking, I knew I had to share them to the world.

As a single person operation, I must simplify the online side of the project to be able to focus on production. So, I have decided not to build a new e-commerce website from scratch. I already have the existing resources of my website and the Etsy shop is simple to open.

Surgical masks that I see many people wearing on the streets should be reserved for the medical professions only, as we are facing a global shortage of them due to the current pandemic. 

Moreover, those surgical masks are made of plastic. 
Just because we are in the middle of the pandemic, let's not forget about the environment.

Available in vintage blue and beige mélange, each piece is made to the highest standard in the Berlin atelier, just like the bridal dresses.