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A typical Berlin wedding

The entrance decorated with white flowers and green tropical leaves

The view from the Hobrechtbrücke on the canal in Kreuzburg, Berlin

The reception venue the day after the wedding

I run past a wedding on the way back home yesterday (running is my hobby and a favorite way to get to A to Z!). It was at an event space which is a former factory building dating back from the year 1920 which now houses creative offices, a restaurant etc along with this cute venue. It is located on front of the canal near the popular twice a week (Tue & Fri) Maybachufer market in Kreuzburg, Berlin.

I saw the bride but I had to stop and check if she really was the bride, she was wearing a very plain bustier jumpsuit with side cut-out detail on waist, small bunch of off-white flower in her hair.

The guests were also dressed semi-smart, men in suits without a tie, ladies in not overly formal dresses.

Although it wasn't as I had no previous awareness but it really hit me that what I saw was the "real Berlin wedding" and that there are brides who choose not to wear "wedding-ly" wedding dress. This summer alone, two friends of mine got married in "non-bridal" dresses and it's actually the norm in my circles of friends.

It's possible that the said jumpsuit came from a high-street or a high-end of high-street label, I'm assuming she did her own hair and make-up too.

I've been thinking lately, although I strive to make high quality dresses, I must keep the cost down to make it appealing to the real brides. It made me think yesterday, it's ok not to use nice laces and I can really keep the designs of my dresses simple but make it exciting with use of clever cutting and interesting use of trims.

I'm currently in the middle of designing the next collection which will be available March next year, I'd love to hear any suggestions from the future brides and alike and can't wait to show the finished result!

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