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Time for a change

I've started thinking about starting my own bridal-wear label back in year 2015 when I started planning moving to Berlin to live with my BF. I thought there won't be enough job for me in Berlin to carry on working as a pattern cutter/sample maker. Also, after years of working for other designers in London, I felt my design skill has matured too and I had the renewed urge to create my own design from start to finish.

A typical Berlin appartments

So, it was a natural choice for me to think about doing my own label but I didn't want to do a fashion one. My passion is to create high-quality fashion but I was disheartened that many of the designs I have worked on didn't go into production and when they did, at best, the pieces were bought by handful of women who can afford it, and would wear it once or twice at a party, then, being forgotten or given away.

I have emotional attachment to all of my creations and I want my dresses to be loved and cherished by ordenaly women just like you and me. So I came to a conclusion that I want to create a bridal-wear label for modern, creative and professional women to whom, my dresses will carry special meaning, has fall in love with my dress and danced the night away in it, and will remember it as long as they could.

A Berlin U-Bahn station

After doing some research, I realised that I find traditional stiff, heavy, big dresses unappealing and uninspiring, I sensed that the bridal industry was stuck in their own traditional style and not moving forward with the fashion trend.

I have also discovered that there are some new bridal-wear labels that are offering non-traditional dresses and there are numbers of new bridal concept boutiques that sells them. Which were exciting news for me, it meant that the market I want to enter already exsited!

I have analysed that those new bridal wear labels can be categorised into three groups:

Boho chic

For brides who wants informal outdoor / beach wedding with tipi, barn etc.

French chic

For brides seeking informal town wedding and having a indoor venue such as restaurant, bar, café etc.

Still on traditional side

Brands who are trying to be modern but still trapped in traditional bridal wear design ideas and lacks clear brand identity.

What I want to offer is bridal wear that express the love and happiness of brides, her intelligence, humor and taste. I feel that my offering does not fit into neither of the category above.

So, here it is, a gap in the market that I want to fill.

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