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LSB launches Civil Collection!

It's something I have been thinking of doing for a while and I am thrilled to announce that La Sposa Berlinese is launching a Civil collection starting with camisole top "Ma chérie" in iridescent lace and white heart embroiled lace from the first collection "All about love".

I have been asked often for affordable easy pieces by brides-to-be and since the fabrics I have used for the first collection are so popular, it all made sense for me to use them again.

The collection are focused mainly on separate pieces, which brides can mix and match according to her style and needs.

By using French lace with 100% silk as inner layer, "Ma chérie" tops has luxurious feel. The classic cut makes them timeless and easy to combine with other classic fashion items such as black skinny trousers and pair of jeans.

Those made to order pieces and are available to purchase on Etsy and are priced at 145€ each.

More pieces are added throughout the year and next in the pipeline are long skirts of course!

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