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Happy 2020! And LSB article in Isarweiss

Happy New Year!

Back in November 2019, La Sposa Berlinese was featured in one of Germany's best wedding blog "Isarweiss".

This is what lovely blogger (or Bloggerin in German :) told me about La Sposa Berlinese;

"I have looked at your site and your collections and have to say: WOW. Very modern, very wearable, truly a unique handwriting."

I am thankful for the kind support and complements I receive from customers, industry peers, family and friends.

The truth is that I have developed endometriosis, the debilitating, incurable illness that cause chronic pain, fatigue etc, shortly after launching La Sposa Berlinese.

It took me two years and two operations to learn how to manage pain by trying to live on "endo diet" (I say "try" because it's almost impossible and not fun eliminating all of tasty but inflammatory food such as wheat and sugar from everyday diet).

Thank you for your continual support in 2020 and I hope to bring my baby "La Sposa Berlinese" to a new stage this year!

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