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My tip on choosing the right photographer and hair and makeup artist for your wedding

In the early days when I started LSB, one of the many things I had no expertise on was fashion photography. My previous job in London as a technician working for other designers meant that, when the collection production was finished, I wasn't required to be at the shoot but to stay behind in the studio to make products production notes or fix some pattern problems that I didn't have the time to when I was working against the deadline to finish and shoot the collection.

Now, after some photoshoots experiences later, I've learnt my lessons and I'd like to share with you this knowledge because I'm sure it applies in choosing your wedding photographers and hair and makeup artist(MUA) as well. So, here it is:

Find the ones that share your taste and understand the theme of your wedding!

What I've learnt was obvious. We all have different tastes, and no matter how skilled or experienced he/she is, he'll be taking pictures from his point of view, and it may not match with what you're you're looking for.

Your wedding is the once in the lifetime event, and photographer and MUA can make or break your day. So, be picky! Check out their previous works on their website. Getting a good vibe when meeting in person is also an important factor.

Personally, I'd like to see more couples going their ways to create unique weddings. I'm not a big fan of cookie-cutter wedding and expressing your individuality is what LSB is all about.

Good luck and if you have some tips on this topic, please leave a comment below!

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