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Beautiful LSB Brides of 2021

In 2021, La Sposa Berlinese had its first bespoke order!

Since it's a popular service for LSB in 2022 as well, I want to write here the process in detail.

Mery contacted me in the summer of 2020 for the wedding in July 2021 in her beautiful home island of Fuerteventura!

We had our first consultation meeting on a hot Berlin summer day. After getting to know each other and finding out exactly what she's looking for, I made a few sketches that fit her requirement but with different design details.

After ordering some fabric and trims, I made the toile (an early version of a finished garment made up in cheap material so that the design can be tested and perfected) from her measurements and met her for the first fitting in early 2021. After adjusting the fit from the toile, I started making the actual dress. At the second fitting stage, we were still tweaking some design detail

As you can see, a bespoke order goes through lots more processes than ready to wear which means you have an exclusive and intimate bridal experience. Each fitting was an occation to assure the bride that she will look her best on her special day.

And here is the result! You can see more photos of this beautiful wedding and Mery's dress on Instagram as well as work in progress photos.

I am currently working on brides of 2022 dresses and can't wait to see their beautiful wedding as well!

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