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My beautiful brides from 2020!

So, we all know what a turbulent year 2020 had turned out. When the pandemic hit at the beginning of the year, I was convinced that weddings are off the plan for all of us and my label La Sposa Berlinese is put on hold until it was over.

Luckily it turned out that was not the case! Sure, I suspect without Covid, I would have been busier with more brides but still, I was fortunate to be blessed with some beautiful souls who wanted to be LSB brides of 2020 and here are some of those beauties!

Netty lives in NY and she was one of the first brides who had placed an order last year. One day in February I received an order for Gioiosa bridal blouse and Rock my soul skirt from the Civil collection on Etsy and realized she actually works there!

As it was a long-distance order, we exchanged message several times to make sure I have the right measurement to work on her pieces, each time she replied promptly and was happy to answer all of my questions as detailed as possible. You might have already read her testimonial on the homepage of this website that they fitted her perfectly and she didn't need any alteration!

As we were in the first full lockdown in Germany, I received an order from Lena, a Berlin bride! She already had a wedding gown but since they had to postpone the big wedding until 2021, she wanted a dress for the intimate ceremony in the summer.

She wanted Klaudia dress from the Civil collection but instead of the sash at the back, she asked me for an open back with spaghetti strap all the way to the waist.

She had a perfect figure and the sample dress fitted her like a glove! Because of the change in design, we still needed a few fittings. You can see her romantic countryside wedding here;

I got in touch with another Berlin bride Minh on the FB group, she was asking for a bridal shop recommendation so, I wrote her about my sample sale! She purchased Vittoria dress from the sale on Etsy without even trying it on!

We needed a few fittings as well as she has such small frame so the dress needed a major alteration!

They got married at the Berlin registry office in Mitte on the cold Novemer day with just 4 guests, one of which had to be the official interpreter. Afterward, they travel to Charlottenburg palace in west Berlin for the photoshooting session!

As for 2021, I am working with couple of brides for bespoke dresses already as well as working on a new collection.

I'm pretty sure this year is going to be even harder for the bridal industry, but let's hope I'm wrong and we can soon return to the normality (with improvement learnt from 2020) and have the dream wedding the couples deserve.

I am still making and selling masks as well, if you haven't already, have a look here!

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