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La Sposa Berlinese is an independent bridal wear designer label from Berlin.

My core work is bespoke/custom bridal gowns.

I incorporate customers' ideas and requirements into the design, then look for suitable materials and, when possible, source surplus fabrics from luxury brands in Italy and France. 


I then draft the pattern in client measurement and produce the gown at the Berlin studio to the highest standard, often using couture techniques.

La Sposa Berlinese means “The Berlin bride” in Italian, it is all about the Berlin girl's carefree and forward spirit.


Hi Maki!

I wanted to send you some photos of the wedding outfit you created for me - we got married yesterday!


They are such beautiful pieces to wear, I didn't want to take them off at the end of the day. I'll definitely wear the blouse again, but not sure how much longer the skirt will fit as I am 4 months pregnant!


Thank you again for all the care and detail you put into sewing the pieces for me, I absolutely love them.


August 2020 NY


Yesterday was our civil wedding and the outfit was perfect!


I have received many compliments for the wedding skirt and I was very pleased that everything fit perfectly.


Thanks again and best regards.



November 2019 Bern, Switzerland

Nice simple classic design by an enthusiastic Designer!

Maki is amazing, so highly recommended to brides!


Berlin November 2020

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