Custom gowns

I make complete custom wedding gown or evening dress incorporating your own ideas!

Or I can do the following:


  • Customise a vintage wedding dress to adjust to your figure and add a modern twist!

  • Rework on your wedding dress into a summer dress, a separate etc so that you can wear then again!


Consultation, Designing & Fabric sourcing:100

Design to finish: POA


I offer an alteration service to brides to be in Berlin.

I have extensive experience in altering bridal gowns, evening wear and tailored pieces.

If you in need of having your gown fixed, just drop me a line!



First Consultation & Fitting (Redeemable): 30€

Hem side seam to side seam: 60 - 95€

Take in or let out top of dress at side seam: 30 - 45€

Take in or let out at hips: 35€

Remove train: 55€

Take in at the zip: 35 - 55€

Adding finger loop on train: 10€

Any other design modifications: POA

*These prices are based on traditional wedding dress style.

If your dress has a simple design, it'll be a little cheaper.