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Customer testimonials

"Working with Maki from La Sposa Berlinese has been amazing. She is extremely professional and knowledgeable. I trusted her completely with altering my wedding dress. She was flexible with my timeline and very communicative. From the start, my dress looked good, but she made it even better. I am so pleased with the results and cannot recommend her enough!" - Michelle R.

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Custom gowns

I make complete custom wedding gowns, incorporating your own ideas and wishes!

Process and prices

  1. Free initial consultation, in-person in Berlin or online.

  2. Sketching some design ideas, which comprise between 6-8 designs.

  3. The second appointment to decide on the design and fabric, take body measurements (or by email). 

  4. Fabric sourcing, pattern cutting and dressmaking. The initial payment is about half the estimated final fee to cover material and labour.

  5. First fitting to check the fit and design which will be adjusted.

  6. Second fitting with the semi-finished dress to adjust the fit and hemline. 

  7. Final fitting to check the fitting. There is a possibility of needing further adjustment. The final fee is paid once the dress is completely finished.


For bespoke gown enquiry, please drop me a line with your wedding date to:

Berlin Bridal Alteration

I offer an alteration service to brides-to-be in Berlin.

I have extensive experience in altering bridal gowns, evening wear and tailored pieces.

If you are in need of having your gown fixed, just drop me a line!



First Consultation & Fitting 15€

Hem side seam to side seam: 70 - 110€

Take in or let out top of dress at side seam: 40 - 70€

Take in or let out at hips: 45€

Remove/shorten train: 70 - 105€

Take in at the zip: 45 - 65€

Adding finger loop on train: 15€

Any other design modifications: POA

*These prices are only indicative. It can be more or less, depending on the design.

Or I can do the following:

  • Customise a vintage wedding dress to adjust to your figure and add a modern twist!

  • Rework your wedding dress into a summer dress, a separate, etc.

  • Dress dyeing - I can dye a synthetic dress to the desired colour.

For alteration enquiry, please drop me a line with your wedding date to:

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