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New tops added to Civil collection!

Yes, I've finally made it, three tops are out! one in short sleeve and two in long sleeves!

Joie top

It was challanging for me to shift my head from designing dresses to just designing tops. I found skirts are easier but when it came to tops, I imposed myself certain criteria, which were :

  • Long sleeves

  • Match the exsisting skirts

  • Simple yet unique

  • Can be worn after the wedding

Jioiosa top

I have spent months designing, cutting out, then not liking the designs. I kept thinking about the designs until I could simplify and refine the ideas

Gioia top

I have named the tops with words meaning Joy, because thats was the genuine feeling I felt while trying them on. When I tried the Gioiosa top, it made me do a little dance and I felt "I'm getting married!", even though in reality I'm not!

They are now available to order on Etsy!

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