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Five Love Languages

So, of course I am referring the blog title from Gary Chapman's book "The 5 Love Languages", which I personally think a must read, not only for those in relationship but for all human being.

But today I actually want to talk about my second passion after fashion, love for learning languages, and the five languages that I learnt over the years.

As a little girl growing up in Japan, I had two frustrations with myself that drove me absolutely crazy. One was my inability to be able to make clothes to professional standard, and the other was being a monolingual.

To cut the story short, it was those frustrations that made me move to London as a 16 years old to study English in order to do the fashion design degree at Central Saint Martins.

While there, I was lucky to discover the free language Courses that the University offered at the time so, I took French. French then became my obsession, so, I went further to do the courses at Institut Francais and lot's of self study. I'm still not comfortable in conversational French but I can read fashion related materials in and can communicate when on Holiday in France.

Buongiorno Firenze!

I took up Italian when I realised I had no choice if I wanted to communicate with friends and family in Italy. Again with lot's of courses and self study I passed a B1 exam (Intermediate) in Italian. Among Italians, I usually only speak in Italian.

And of course by moving to Germany, I wanted to learn German in order to intergrade. I did an intensive german course for one year and half. I can now get by in German, although I don't understand everything always.

Der, Die, Das what?

Fashion design, pattern cutting, dress making and languages all needed lot's of practice and patience, and the learning is never ending. I feel blessed that I always knew what I wanted to do with my life and that belief drove me to learn those skills that I had to learn.

My biggest passion now is of course La Sposa Berlinese. It is very hard to get a new label off the ground, and having had worked in the fashion industry for years, I have seen that, it's not just for me but it's the same for anyone, even those with big budget and connections. My dream is to reach out to brides who are seeking dresses that are effortlessly cool and break the conventional bridal mold. I know that with persistence and patience, anything is possible!

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