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What was it like to study fashion at Central Saint Martins

I was at CSM between 1999-2002. I was fortunate to be there in those time. The big star designers as likes of Alexander Mcqueen and Stella McCartney has graduated recently and I was among the most creative and ambitious students from all over the world who wanted be the next big thing.

Presentation of my classmate's works

I have decided to study fashion in London over Tokyo. Although Japanese fashion ware in its hayday at the time, I didn't wanted my designs to be molded into the typical Japanese designs of the time.

These are our first ever project!

Our Tutors ware tough. We had to present our design on models regularly, and however great the garment looked, they always looked for improvements. It was exciting day to see each other's work and listens to the feedback.

Simply a perfection but tutors still would find some faults

In my opinion, what you get out from a fashion degree is minimum basic. There are no one answer how to design, so, fashion students should look for designers they admire and do as many internships as possible (but the point is only do internship with the designers you find relevant). What you get out from internships are the real knowledge and skills you need in fashion industry and it's up to you to make use of the experience.

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